It’s French for the Association Internationale du Film d’Animation.

ASIFA was founded in 1960 in Annecy, France by a group of international animators to increase world-wide visibility of animated film. ASIFA’s membership includes animation professionals and fans from more than 50 countries. ASIFA sponsors animation festivals in Annecy, Ottawa, and Hiroshima.


ASIFA East is the Eastern U.S. chapter of ASIFA, based in New York City. ASIFA East hosts monthly screenings, drawing class, workshops, and panel discussions on all things animation, and annually hosts the ASIFA East Animated Film Festival.

asifaboardMembers of the ASIFA-East Board pictured left to right: Masako Kanayama, Emmett Goodman, Caresse Singh, John Lustig, Katie Cropper, David Langkamp, Candy Kugel, Tristian Goik, Dayna Gonzalez, Justin Simonich, Linda Beck, Bill Lorenzo, Susan Godfrey, Ray Kosarin, Robert Lyons