Time Lapse by Robert Lyons

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Time Lapse by Robert Lyons

This week’s Viewseum exhibit is one of Robert Lyons’s many timelapse films. This particular film explores the difference between a quiet country life and the energy of a fast-paced city. Timelapse is one of the most unique tricks you can pull off with a film camera. You can capture things that a human eye can’t capture, like the cloud transformations shown throughout the film. Some of the city imagery include scenes of New York’s local […]

Making it in a Freelance World

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This is the first in a series of articles on freelancer issues.  I hope that by focusing on the life of a freelancer and the everyday challenges that entails, it will foster discussion and feedback that may in turn help all of us.  — Dayna Gonzalez In 1998, I graduated from college and timidly took my first steps in the world as an aspiring animator.  It was slow and while I accepted work as a […]

Guest Blogger Tom Warburton: The Right Thing To Do

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Friends, I don’t need to tell you that our country stands at a crossroads. The two paths before us lead in opposite directions, neither one easier than the other. The first, a road paved with greed and hate, is well trodden. Those traveling this path care not for those less fortunate. They see none but their own narrow, biased view of the world and think nothing of disseminating falsehoods and half-truths to get their way. […]

Karen Aqua

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Article by Tristian Goik. I still find it difficult to wrap my head around a world where you might be lucky to have one opportunity a year to see multiple animated films.  This is what Linda Simensky (V.P. of Children’s Programming at PBS) described at the Karen Aqua retrospective and Q&A, held by ASIFA-East on October 11th.  She coveted her attendances of The International Tournée of Animation, where she would get to see about 20 […]

Blog Roundup

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Richard O’Connor wrote a wonderful article about our recent tribute to Karen Aqua, as well as another on our Open Screening!  Thanks Richard! I also caught this in the blogosphere:  Linda Beck’s recap of the Ottawa International Animation Festival.  Many New Yorkers were in attendance this year.  Check out our Facebook group for some pictures of the festival.

The Animated Films of Karen Aqua

October 12th, 2011 by Linda | 1 Comment »


ASIFA-East paid tribute last night to animation great Karen Aqua, who passed away this past May. ASIFA-East Board Member Deb Solomon coordinated the event and the films were introduced by Karen’s husband, Ken Field, PBS’s Linda Simensky, and Oscar winner Frank Mouris – like everyone in the audience, all fans of Aqua’s work. Karen’s films are so unique that they are hard to classify but are inherently accessible.  She is bold and committed (Frank calls […]

John Hubley: An Academy Salute

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The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences events are always a classy affair. Last night’s Academy Salute to John Hubley was no exception. Introduced by stylish Academy Program Director Patrick Harrison and hosted by the ever eloquent Oscar winner John Canemaker, the evening was informative, inspiring, and a great tribute to an animation legend. Canemaker’s succinct and occasionally poetic biographical summary of Hubley’s life preceded the main event: the screening of Channel 13 TV’s […]

The Lift by Robert Kohr

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The Lift

Today’s Viewseum entry is a short film with traits that most city dwellers can relate to. Traits pertaining to the consistent use of the elevator, a luxury most city dwellers (including us New Yorkers) tend to take for granted. Filmmaker Robert Kohr tackles issues of impatience and guilt in his film The Lift. Designed with a bold-line style reminiscent of graphic novels and 3D-rendered backgrounds, the film mixes both realism and fantasy in a domestic […]

2011 ASIFA-East Open Screening

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Article by Emmett Goodman. It’s the start of a new season for ASIFA-East. For this author, as well as many others, this new season is particularly special, as it is the first with our new president, Linda Beck. Linda, who had previously been the ASIFA-East secretary, has succeeded David B. Levy after an 11-year run. It is a new era for us. Grand intro finished, we now move on to the topic of this article, […]

An evening of films by Karen Aqua

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ASIFA-East invites you to a retrospective evening of films by Karen Aqua (1954-2011). Tuesday, October 11, 7pm at SVA Hosted by her husband and creative partner, Ken Field, Debra Solomon, with Linda Simensky, Vice President of children’s programming for PBS. Karen Aqua’s innovative films occupy a unique place in the world of independent and experimental animation, and have screened worldwide at festivals in Europe, Asia, North/South America, and New Zealand. ASIFA-East presents a variety of […]